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We all have certain cherished clothing pieces that we keep in our wardrobe but as they get old we tend to push them into a different section of the wardrobe which we all know is the “back of the wardrobe”. The reason for this is that they don’t look fresh enough for us to wear but also we don’t have the heart to throw them away for one reason or another. There are so many things one can do to keep their cherished pieces looking fresh and new. To protect your cherished pieces one can follow the following tips to maintain your clothes so they look as good as new.

maintain your clothes 2022

Read Wash Care Labels

You must read the wash label properly. If the wash care label suggests a cold water wash or does not bleach, it is essential to follow those instructions as doing so helps extend the life of these garments.

Use a Lint Remover

It facilitates the removal of lint or other small fibres from the clothes and makes them look more presentable and gives them a refreshed look.

Use a Mesh Bag for Delicate Clothes

It is useful for protecting delicate garments as well as for maintaining small garments together while in the wash.


Use Gentle Detergent

Using a good gentle detergent makes sure that your skin does not get irritated as laundry detergents normally have irritants. Also, try to find the right amount of detergent to be used for washing clothes as the incorrect amount can lead to clothes looking dull and stiff.

maintain your clothes gentle detergent

Use Fabric Conditioner

Fabric conditioners or softeners can help clothes last longer. They work on clothes by coating fibres with lubricants that make the fabrics feel softer to the touch. Plus, they smell good.

Use Stain Removal Pens

Stain removal pens allow you to tend to stains as soon as they happen so that your garments can still be preserved for future wear.

Iron with Care


Check the wash care label on your garment to see the appropriate ironing temperature as this will help your clothes to look presentable as well as make them last longer. For fancy outfits, It is advisable to steam-iron those outfits which have accessories or work on them. This will help to avoid damage to fancy stones and embellishments on the clothing.

maintain your clothes

Avoid Overwashing

Washing your garments like denim, pants, woollens, etc. frequently can cause them damage. You can use the “Airing Method” where hang clothes up as soon as they’ve been taken off and let the air circulate around the fibres of the fabric helping to keep things fresh. You can also try Steaming as it helps to extend the time period between washes as steaming can kill bacteria on the clothes.

Store Clothes Properly

Store all clothes in a cool and dry space to protect them from dampness, sunlight, and heat, which can all cause damage. Store clean clothes with moth balls for added protection against clothes moths. Hanging garments in your closet help retain their shape and keep them free of wrinkles. When it comes to heavy garments such as sweaters, rolling and storing them on a shelf is a good option the reason being If stored on hangers, these garments may stretch out and lose their shape.

Wash clothes Inside Out

This will help to avoid all your dark garments from fading, wash them inside out to preserve their colour and prints on the clothing.

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