10 Tips for Dressing According to Your Body: Part I

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In our everyday lives, we often come across people who look so well put together that we cannot take our eyes off them. Yet, if we asked ourselves what is that special ingredient that makes them look so good, it may be difficult to pinpoint.  So, what do these people have that we don’t?

A well-dressed person doesn’t always have to be wearing expensive clothes or the best accessories. In fact, think of all the occasions when in spite of lavish clothing items, a person and the clothes seem to be clashing with each other! No, the secret is something else entirely.

The alpha and omega of a great fashion sense is knowing what to wear to the best of your advantage. For that, the most important thing to know is your own body; its flexes and flaws, angles and curves, so that you know how to play with them to your benefit. Once you know your body, the next step is to know which clothes would make it shine.

So without any further delay, in the first part of this blog, here are five tips for dressing according to your body. Know that having a healthy, functioning body is a gift, and all body types are perfect! The question is just about matching the right clothing item to the corresponding body shape and size. So, here goes!

1. In case of a stomach that is not entirely flat, choose dresses with a fitted but higher waistline and flowing A-line silhouettes, ideally in soft fabrics like cotton, rayon, crepe, or silk.  They would drape your body effectively while concealing bulge lines, providing a clean, sophisticated look. Something like the image below.

1 tips for dressing according to your body

Picture credit: Meera Creations

2.  In the case of a heavy upper body or a short neck, a low neckline (it could be scooped, round or square) or a V neckline works wonders, as it helps to take attention away from the chest and focuses on the neck while also making it seem longer. Here is a marvelous example:

2 tips for dressing according to your body

Picture Credit: Dadou-Chic

3. If you are a relatively petite person like I am, let me share a tip that will certainly give an illusion of a few added inches. Wear short or cropped tops with high waist pants or high rise jeans. This makes your legs appear taller, even if you aren’t wearing heels.

3 tips for dressing according to your body

Picture credit: Sydney Style

4. In case your body shape roughly resembles a triangle, heavy on the bottom and narrow at the top, here is a little trick to appear with an evenly balanced figure. Wear dresses or tops that have broad shoulders or large sleeves and are draped closely around you below the waist. The example below is how to achieve this:

4 tips for dressing according to your body

Picture Credit: Myntra

5. If you have a heavy bottom and thighs, long tops flared at the end effectively conceal both.  Pairing them with jeans or short to mid-length skirts adds a dash of glamour. In winters, this same effect can be achieved through coats and jackets.

Picture Credit: Peachmode 

I hope you find these tips useful. I will continue with five more tips in the next part of my blog but do remember that you are perfect the way you are, and fashion only helps people see your perfection in the most effective and long-lasting manner.  So, continue dressing your beautiful self!

By Parna

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