10 of the Hottest Margot Robbie Street Style Moments

Margot Robbie street style cover
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Margot Robbie’s street style and fashion moments are truly outstanding. And no matter what she wears, she looks effortlessly beautiful, and we’ve all seen her steal the show while wearing everything. Margot has been spotted sporting everything from a checkered double-breasted blazer with straight-leg cargo jeans to a perfect Barbie look in a mini skirt and top set to looking effortlessly chic in a bandeau top with pants to a strapless top with a maxi skirt.

And all of her attire is either from Versace, Bottega Venete, Chanel, Prada, Christopher Esber, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Schiaparelli, Givenchy, and others. Here are ten of our most stylish Margot Robbie street style looks and fashion moments.

1. Margot Robbie wore a casual yet stylish blazer by Bottega Venete.

Margot Robbie street style in jeans

Margot’s laid-back style was cool as she rocked a Bottega Venete checkered double-breasted blazer and ribbed tank top she wore underneath, paired with her straight-leg cargo pants.

2. Margot Robbie chose Versace outfits to showcase her exquisite sense of style.

Margot Robbie street style in pink

I think she looks good when she wears pink, since it makes a statement. Margot looked beautiful in this outfit, which included a two-piece mini skirt and cropped jacket from Versace, a slingback pump, and an embroidered tiny tote bag.

3. In these Bottega Venete mules, Margot Robbie exuded effortless beauty.


It looked great with the bandeau top, the linen vest, the loose spants, and the Bottega Venete mules.

4. With this Prada leather shoulder bag, Margot Robbie looked flawless.

Margot Robbie street style short skirt with leather handbag

Wearing a microskirt that featured a checkered pattern, Margot turned heads in her look. She wore them with a cropped shirt that had a cutaway in the front, and she accessorized her ensemble with a leather shoulder bag from Prada.

5. With a white blouse and matching Givenchy white marshmallow sandals, Margot Robbie was amazing.

Margot Robbie street style long dress shirt

She looked gorgeous with mini shorts, a Schiaparelli clutch purse, Marshmallow sandals, and a Givenchy blouse.

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6. Margot Robbie looked attractive in slingback platform sandals by Chanel.


Wearing a Chanel round purse, denim shorts, an unbuttoned long-sleeved blouse with a matching tank top underneath, and Chanel slingback platform sandals, Margot looked dashing.

7. Margot Robbie looked chic in her Moschino mini dress with a strawberry print.

Margot Robbie street style strawberry print

She looked completely chic in this minidress with a strawberry print design from Moschino and these Christian Louboutin leather shoes with a leather shoulder bag.

8. The Bianca Spender Apple silk Rafael skirt from the Spring/Summer 2023 collections looked outstanding on Margot Robbie.

Margot Robbie street style green skirt

Margot looked admirable in this look, wearing a silk maxi skirt from the Bianca Spender Spring/Summer 2023 designs with a Gucci shoulder bag and a sleeveless bandeau top.

9. Margot Robbie looked excellent in a belted skirt by Christopher Esber.

Margot Robbie street style blue gray dress

She looked amazing in this belted maxi skirt by Christopher Esber, which she accessorized with a Prada leather medium purse, a side cowl strapless top by Christopher Esber, and Santoni satin double-Buckle platform sandals.

10. Margot Robbie looked spectacular in her dress with a scooped neckline by Hansen & Gretel.

Margot Robbie street style black minidress

She looked great in this Hansen & Gretel minidress with a scooped neckline and Bottega Venete lido mule.

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