10 Night on the town fashion ideas for guys.

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The pandemic is not yet over, but supply chains are starting to come online and many shoppers are eager to update their night on the town wardrobes. If you are among them you may be looking to update your clothes for a night out on the town.  The question is will your outfit be a head-turner or a head-scratcher?  Of course, there is always venue-appropriate attire. You may not want to wear ripped jeans to a high-end club and you also may not want to wear a jacket to a beer joint.

  1. Dress Jacket and Pants with Crew Neck T-shirt Untucked.

This look can fit almost any night on the town occasion including semi-formal and casual. It could even be worn to a casual watering hole, but you may be a bit overdressed. I do like the look.

2. Dress Shirt Tucked and Jacket with skinny jeans.

This is a great look and once again can fit into most any night on the town location. Some clubs do not allow ripped jeans so that may be a drawback. I like the look though I am not a big fan of skinny jeans. With that said he looks great.

3. Dress Shirt Tucked with Dress Pants.

This is a great look that can fit into almost any club setting or occasion for that matter. I don’t think you would be overdressed pretty much anywhere. Might need a blazer for a formal event, but other than that I love it. I even like the dress loafers without socks.

4. Polo Shirt Tucked with Dress Pants.

This is a great timeless look that can fit into almost any occasion. The collar will get you by most doormen and it will not make you out of place in a  casual drinking establishment. Once again the loafer without socks is a nice finishing touch that I really like.

5. Dress Jacket and Black Khakis with Scoop Neck T-shirt Untucked.

This outfit seems to be a bit of a hodgepodge to me, but it does work. Nice jacket complete with a folded handkerchief, looks like cotton khakis topped off with a scoop neck T-shirt. I could do without the sockless sneakers that would likely keep you out of a lot of clubs. I do like the look and I think it would fit into pretty much any less than formal occasion.

6. Dress Shirt Untucked With Casual Dress Pants.

This is a great look and will fit into anything but formal settings. The untucked dress shirt and casual slacks just look great. I like the sockless cloth loafers too.

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7. Dress Shirt Tucked with Skinny Jeans.

I don’t know why, but something about this one seems awkward. Overall it’s a great look and I like the tucked dress shirt with skinny jeans but I as I said before, I am not a big fan of skinny jeans on men. Probably just me, but it just doesn’t seem manly in some weird way. I do like the look and the shoes are the finishing touch.

8. Casual Dress Shirt Tucked with Skinny Jeans.

This is really a great look and he pulls it off well in spite of my reluctance to like skinny jeans. The shirt is perfect for warm summer nights and this outfit could fit into almost any nonformal club or event.

9. Dress Shirt Tucked with Tie and Loose Fit Jeans.

I’m not going to lie, I had to do a double and triple take on this one. What I thought was a tucked-in tie turns out to be a small tie with a double Windsor knot. But I like the look and the cuffed shirt and jeans with the sockless loafers really finish it. You may even slip past most the door men at semi-formal clubs if he doesn’t look too hard.

10. Dress Shirt Untucked with Ripped Loose Fit Jeans.

Now, this is where the rubber hits the road. It looks comfortable but is only for the most casual club unless your name is Justin Bieber. I like the look, but don’t plan on getting into a high-end club wearing it on a Saturday night. For the outdoor type that loves denim like my friends over at Christian Tree Service, this is your outfit.


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