10 Must-Do Steps When Styling Your Curtain Bangs

styling your Curtain Bangs
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Curtain bangs have quickly become a favorite hairstyle thus adding a touch of effortless elegance to any look. Their versatility and low- maintenance appeal makes them a  popular choice among fashion enthusiasts. These are the 10 must-follow steps toward upgrading your chic appearance.

1. Start with clean Hair: Curtain Bangs

Begin your styling routine by washing and ensuring your hair is conditioned.  By washing you will be able to provide a clean canvas for styling products and ensures the bangs have the best look.

styling your Curtain Bangs

2. Prep With Heat Protectant:

It is advisable before using any styling tools, to apply a heat-protectant spray that protects your curtain bangs from destruction. Heat also included the direct rays from the sun. In my previous blogs, I have written about how the Uv rays from the sun can have a damaging effect on your hair.

3. Blow Dry For Volume:

For the creation of movement and volume in your curtain’s bangs, you are encouraged to use a round brush while blow-drying.  Lift the roots and roll the brush to achieve a natural impact.

4. Section and Clip:

After the creation of the movement, divide the hair into sections, paying more attention to the bangs Bends. This will ease your subsequent steps.

5. Use a Flat Iron for Slight Bends:

The signature look of the curtain bangs involves bends across the hair strands. Use small sections of your curtain bangs and involves subtle bends along the hair strands.

how to style your Curtain Bangs

6. Texturizing spray for Effortless Texture:

Normalize texturizing spray to your curtain bangs to enhance their texture and create that coveted look.

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7. Tame with Serum: Curtain Bangs

By applying a small amount of hair serum to your bangs you are able to control frizz and a glossy.

8. Consider Styling Accessories: Curtain Bangs

You must elevate bangs by incorporating stylish accessories like decorative clips. The accessories help hold your bangs in place while adding a fashionable look. If you recall my previous posts, your outfit is as perfect as the accessories you have used.

9. Regular Trims are a must: Curtain Bangs

The curtain bang length is maintained, by scheduling regular trims every 4-6 weeks. Trimming prevents split ends and ensures bangs frame the face and gives it a beautiful appearance.

10. Bedtime care: Curtain Bangs

In order to wake up with picture-perfect bangs, loosely twist them far from your face and secure them with a soft tie before you go to sleep.




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