10 Most Common or Popular Nail Colors Make You Think Colorful


Every girl wants her to be engaged in a lot of colors. The colors appear most commonly in her clothes, shoes, jewelry, lipsticks, and nails especially. Applying different colors to nails gives a girl a lot of satisfaction about changes because they appear many times a day to her while doing a lot of work, her hands are the first eye-catching thing. I also love to apply a lot of different colors to my nails which makes my hand, my nails as well as my mood so changing, fresh and colorful. Every girl must have a collection of different nail colors as I have too.

Nail colors


Currently, I’ve gone through the most inn nail colors, I also want to share them with you all guys. Here, is the list of the top 10 most commonly liked nail colors;

1. Jet Black

I use to apply this color when I have the mood of outfitting something classy and simple but graceful, as black near me is the hottest and most graceful color that ever made my nails look so. Whatever the season is, its color has the same level.

Jet Black nail colors


2. Dusty Pink

It is so simple-color coats the nails with a skinny look, it appears like a light and dim color and seems very comfortable for nails. It can go through with every soft look near me. It seems very neutral in all environments.

Dusty Pink nail colors



3. Cherry Red

It’s a mood freshener color near me and it can’t be old as it’ll give a new color to your mood. It gives you totally a new look every time you apply it to your nails. It is a very eye-catching color to you as well as to others. Ever-time you apply, you will feel like something new.

Cherry Red nail colors


4. Cool Blue

Aah, a very cool beautiful color applies to some specific but very different outfits. Most specifically I often think maybe nails also have in love with it and feel cool and free. It gives you a very chill and cool vibe but not calm guys. It gives you a feeling of being above the clouds.

Cool Blue nail colors


5. Forest Green

It is so beautiful and specified color, which seems many times like black to our nails but gives you the vibes near to as well a different to black. It may make people get into situations of envy with you. Because its vibes are so different and rare.

Forest green nail colors


6. Light Lavender

It is so beautifully defined color by itself. It seems on our nails like a feeling of calm, light, and beautiful lavender by our side everywhere we go by applying this color. It is a springy color to me well colors have no limits it’s up to you what you imagine about them.



7. Bright Blue

Bright Blue means a beachy vibe, such a vibe that gives you a good day and a lot of refreshments before you go to sleep. Applying this color to nails makes our nails the energy of being fresh forever, no matter what the time of year it is.


8. Fine Wine

Fine Wine is made for depth-ness. It makes our long or short nails a beautiful velvet curtain-like texture It’s a very deep color that puts you in the valley of crazy merlot dark forests when you look at your nails. It appears to be dusk or dawn to come every time you see your nails.


9. Pure White

As white is a sign of purity and cleanliness which in the form of nail color appears as purity and protection, no doubt it appears as a cover of safe replacement on nails. Often it seems teenagers used to apply this color most. It appears a lot on nails regardless of the very colorful way.



10. Nearly Neon Orange

It is a bright orange color of nail polish. It merges with your skin color but is not a skinny color by itself. It brightens the nails like a highly burning dark flame. It seems very bright to the eyes and intensely appears sharply to your eyes.


By Marie

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