10 Menswear in the Spring 2023 Womenswear Shows

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Menswear lines from Peter Do and Simone Rocha were introduced for the spring 2023 season. Designers are including their collections in coed exhibitions more than ever, but there are different approaches they are taking: Some designers adhere to the traditional “he is her spouse” visualization while displaying their menswear alongside their womenswear (such as Bottega Veneta or Bally), while others are including “menswear” to present an all-encompassing, nearly genderless vision (Collina Strada, Rocha, Do, and Miu Miu come to mind).


.This past June, we released our menswear trend analysis for spring 2023. At such performances, bare flesh and the cool California atmosphere of the 1990s with baggy trousers and boardshorts lengths took center stage. What has thus changed? The shirtless suits that were popular at the time have been updated to be more revealing, as have the tank tops that were popular at the time. The majority of collections continue to use over-the-knee shorts and psychedelic Canadian tuxedos as important pieces. There are many new dresses and skirts for men, some of which may be worn over pants and others of which are maxi-length. Shakespearean corsetry, shirring, and ruffles were other popular fashion trends.

.When menswear is shown alongside womenswear as part of a 360-degree concept, it may be an indication that designers are confident enough to get creative with their offerings. Here are 10 menswear trends from the spring of 2023 designs for women.

  • Say Yes to the Dress Menswear

pencil-cut, shirred, or pleated minis and maxis. This season was all about the skirt and dress, whether worn alone or draped over pants.

  • Tailoring, But Make It Chill

This time around, suits came undone even more than they had in June after the flurry of shirtless double-breasted.

  • Shakespeare in Love

ruffles, shirring, and corsetry. Men’s clothing also reflected the Elizabethan romance that dominated women’s fashion.

  • Team Spirit

Soccer jerseys are in style with just one month until the World Cup.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.
  • Ghost Tank

Tanks have been reinterpreted in the style of Helmut Lang in translucent knits and wide-gauge meshes, some with sinuous cuts.

  • The Ultimate Coat

The statement coat is in for spring, whether it is made of faux fur, torn denim, feathers, or sequins.

  • Dye-to-Match Menswear

Nothing demonstrates your dedication like wearing all black.

  • It’s in the Jeans

Unusual Canadian tuxedos are appearing in acid washes and extremely distressed denim.

  • .Hems Down Menswear

Those 5″ hems TikTok was fixated on the previous year? It’s time to retire them in favor of skirts and shorts that end at the Bermudas.

  • Leathered Up

Tailoring gains a competitive edge from sleek leather and unusual textures.

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By Zablon Owino



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