10 Makeup Hacks that can Change Every Girl’s Life

makeup hacks
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Girls spend hours in front of the mirror or in a beauty salon to look glamorous and fresh. But you can achieve the same look by following a few easy steps that will thoroughly enhance your face and hair. Use these few makeup hacks for girls and achieve the look you desire:


Use Eyeliner Gel makeup hacks

Eyeliner pencil draws a very thin line and is challenging to apply. Use this makeup hack and make it a quick process. Heat the eyeliner tip over a stove, lighter, or heat source for one or two seconds. Let the eyeliner cool down for a few seconds; after that, apply the eyeliner. This heating process will make the eyeliner soft and easy to apply.

Check your makeup in different lights.

When you do your makeup in your room, there might need to be adequate lighting to ensure that the makeup is applied right. One quick makeup tip to solve this problem is to check your makeup once you have settled in your car. You will be able to know if your makeup is applied right or not better under natural light. Natural light is the best way to know your and access your look.

makeup hacks

Use white instead of the base coat.

One of the best makeup hacks of 2023 that any girl can ask for is this. Girls mostly use a base coat to make the nail color stand out. The better approach would be to use a white coat before the actual color of the nail polish. This makes it stand out even more and stops your nails from getting spoiled from different colors.

Change your mascara technique.

Try to make a downward motion with your mascara instead of an upwards one. This makeup tip for girls will make the eyelashes look fuller and make your eyes look bigger.

Intensify your eye shade color.

Before applying your desired eye shadow, apply a layer of white eye shadow. This will make the actual eye shade pop up and become more noticeable.

makeup hacks 2


The easy technique of applying glue on your eyelash:

It is a difficult process to apply glue to your eyelashes. A simple makeup tip would be using a Bobby pin to apply the glue. This will apply the glue evenly and quickly.

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Long-lasting lipstick makeup hacks

To keep your lipstick color fresh and for a longer time, after applying lipstick, cover your lips with a tissue and translucent dust powder over it. This will set the lipstick and prevent getting smudged.

Easy contouring tip

One of the most needed makeup hacks is applying a perfect blush. Use a stick and point it at a right angle from the cheekbone. This will make it easier to apply blush in the required area.

Curl your lashes faster with makeup hacks.

Use a blow dryer to curl your lashes faster, and heat the Eyelash curler. Let it cool down, and use it as you normally would. The heat will make the lashes appropriately set.

Cover your dark circle in a new way.

The most used technique to hide the redness and dark circles under the eyes is dotting your concealer. Instead, make a triangular shape with your eyes as the base and the tip at your cheeks. Cover the area to lessen the redness and make your skin look brighter.


Use these few very helpful makeup hacks of 2023 to look beautiful effortlessly. Make yourself feel good without spending hours in front of the mirror.

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By Shagun 

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