10 Effective Methods for Naturally Thickening Your Eyebrows


In the pursuit of fuller, more natural-looking eyebrows, many individuals seek alternatives to pencil-thin brows popularized in the ’90s. However, not everyone is naturally blessed with thick, well-shaped eyebrows, especially if they have been plucking or shaving them for an extended period. Encouraging natural regrowth can be challenging without resorting to eyebrow pencils. Fortunately, there are several natural methods you can try to thicken your eyebrows without breaking the bank.

1. Lemon juice:

Lemon juice, known for its collagen-boosting properties, can be used to naturally thicken eyebrows. Hair growth is stimulated by the high content of vitamin C present. To avoid skin damage, it’s important to apply lemon juice in the evening and perform a patch test before use. Simply apply lemon juice or a diluted mixture onto your eyebrows and let it sit for an hour before rinsing off.

2. Castor oil:

Castor oil, derived from the castor bean plant, is a nourishing option for eyebrow thickening. Although scientific evidence regarding its effect on eyebrow growth is limited, it’s hydrating properties and fatty acids can promote hair rejuvenation. Apply castor oil to your clean eyebrows with a spoolie brush once or twice a day, being patient as results may take time.

3. Lavender oil:

Lavender oil, known for its fragrance and healing properties, has been reported to stimulate hair growth. While scientific research on its effects is still emerging, a study on mice showed positive results. Apply lavender oil, either alone or combined with other essential oils, to your eyebrows with a spoolie brush or cotton pad. For optimal results, leave the oil on overnight or for several hours.

Lavender oil: for eyebrows


4. Hibiscus extract:

Hibiscus extract, rich in flavonoids and antioxidants, promotes hair health and growth. Scientific studies on animals have shown that hibiscus extracts can aid in hair regrowth. Massage hibiscus oil into your eyebrows after cleansing your face, or explore hibiscus-infused products such as shampoos and facial masks. Consistent application is key to desired results.

5. Petroleum jelly:

Petroleum jelly, often found in beauty and skincare products, can help replenish your eyebrows by locking in moisture and reducing breakage. While scientific studies on its impact on eyebrow growth are limited, using petroleum jelly regularly may give the appearance of thicker brows. Apply petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, to your brows using an eyebrow brush, leaving it on overnight or a few times per day.

6. Coconut oil:

Coconut oil, popular for its moisturizing properties, is a safe option for promoting healthy eyebrows. It forms a protective moisture barrier, decreases hair breakage, and nourishes the skin. Gently brush coconut oil into your eyebrows every morning and night using a cotton pad or spoolie brush. Individuals with sensitive skin should exercise caution and conduct a patch test to ensure their safety.


7. Peppermint oil:

Peppermint oil, containing menthol, may increase blood flow and promote hair growth. Although scientific research on its effects on human hair growth is limited, a study on mice showed promising results. Combine peppermint oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil, and massage it into your eyebrows. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes to encourage thicker eyebrows.

Peppermint oil: for eyebrows


8. Aloe vera:

Aloe vera, known for its soothing properties, contains essential vitamins for hair growth. Applying aloe vera gel to your eyebrows can boost hair growth and rehydrate the skin. Cleanse your eyebrows and apply aloe vera gel with a cotton pad or swab, brushing it through with a spoolie brush. Regular application and brushing in the desired direction can help achieve fuller-looking eyebrows.

9. Almond oil:

Almond oil, rich in biotin (vitamin B7), is a popular extract used to hydrate the skin and promote hair growth. Its moisturizing properties can benefit brow hairs. Apply almond oil lightly to your eyebrows using a spoolie brush, cotton pad, or swab in the morning or evening. Individuals with sensitive or acne-prone skin should monitor their skin’s reaction.

10. Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil, known for its various uses, including acne treatment, can potentially aid in the regrowth of eyebrow hairs. Its antioxidant properties may mitigate hair loss and improve overall hair health. Dilute tea tree oil with a carrier oil like olive oil before applying it to your brows. Massage it gently using your fingers or a clean cotton pad. Consistent application is recommended for potential benefits.


While the effectiveness of natural remedies for eyebrow growth may vary, incorporating these methods into your daily routine with consistency and patience can help you achieve thicker, fuller eyebrows. Remember to perform patch tests, consider individual skin sensitivities, and consult a dermatologist if you experience adverse reactions. With time and dedication, you can naturally enhance the appearance of your eyebrows.

By Sarvan

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