10 Ear Piercing Ideas That Will Up Your Style Game


For some people, getting an ear piercing is just another mundane task on their list, like picking up milk from the grocery store or flossing their teeth every night. However, there are those who understand that ear piercings have the power to take any outfit from boring to badass with just one small change. If you’re interested in getting your ears pierced but need some inspiration, check out these 10 ear-piercing ideas that will make you look fabulous from day to day and season to season!

1) Start with your Earrings

Ear Piercing Ideas

Where you place your earrings depends on your ear piercing type. A lop, tragus, or rook piercing is placed at an opening that pierces straight through. There are no curves in these piercing types. The hole is straight and comes out from where it goes in at a ninety-degree angle to form a straight line, much like a hyphen on paper or a flat surface. Without a curve to worry about, simply choose earrings of any shape for these piercings – though avoid anything sharp as it might go too deep into your ear canal. If you want an elegant look, opt for simple teardrop studs (like if you wear hoops all day every day) but switch up both colors and materials for a flashier look.

2) Use the Right Jewelry

Going for a big earring? Sticking with studs? Keeping things simple or opting for an in-between option? You’ll want to make sure you’re wearing appropriate earrings that complement your style and compliment your outfit. If you’re still not sure what type of jewelry to choose, we’ve rounded up 10 easy ear piercing ideas, so there’s something for everyone. Consider these different ear piercing types before heading to your local jewelry store!

3) Get the right Piercer

This is of course one of those instances where you really do get what you pay for. An unlicensed piercer might try to save money by using an ear-piercing gun, which can cause undue trauma to your ear lobe and lead to more complications. If possible, find a professional who specializes in ear piercings instead. It’s also worth noting that certain body parts are better suited for different types of piercings – for example, cartilage is best suited for helix piercings. And if you plan on getting multiple ear piercings, make sure your first one is healed completely before moving on to other holes.

4) Get the Right Earrings

If you’re someone who gets her ears pierced on a regular basis, then you know that it isn’t always easy to find cute earrings that will go with anything. Ear piercing infection treatment can make your ear piercing look great and help you find earrings for any occasion. These three-fourths, get the right earrings are so simple and yet so stylish, adding some flair to your overall outfit without distracting from it. And unlike many other pieces of jewelry out there, they don’t require tons of effort—you can even wear them to bed if you like! If you want to start wearing studs more often or branch out into different types of holes in your ears but aren’t sure where to start, these ideas will help.

5) Take Care of Them

You’ve spent a lot of time (and money) to look good, so now it’s time to keep your piercings in top shape. Avoid getting water in them and be careful not to clean them with unclean hands. Don’t worry if there is some swelling or redness in your first few days—it happens sometimes but should subside after a few weeks. If you do get an infection, see a doctor immediately as it can spread quickly and get serious. And don’t forget about those earrings! Most infections are caused by uncleanliness, so make sure you use good hygiene when changing them out—you should follow those same tips for regular piercings, too.

6) Don’t Fall Victim to Fashion Trends

Don’t use fashion as an excuse to alter your ear piercings. In many cases, modifying your piercings is unnecessary—and sometimes even dangerous. The most popular ear piercing types are cartilage piercings, which can be done either on their own or along with a traditional lobe piercing. There’s also helix piercing, where a piercing goes through the top of your ear; orbital piercings, which go through both of your ears; and dainty piercing, which goes straight through your ear’s innermost cartilage fold. All of these are valid options for anyone wanting to inject some personality into his or her look—but not if you’re doing it just because everyone else seems to be doing it.


7) Keep it Real When Considering Ear Piercing Ideas

Go back to your gut instincts. If you don’t know a lot about ear piercing infection treatment, then do some research! There are tons of reputable resources that you can use to get up to speed on ear piercing ideas. However, if you don’t have time for that, then just make sure you write an honest post (even if it seems boring). It’s better to have an honest and boring piece than something that may spark controversy and alienate your readers in turn.

8) Show off Your New Look!

Ear Piercing Ideas 1

This one is a no-brainer: Once you have your piercings in, show them off! You can wear earrings that match or go for bold accessories like necklaces and headbands. Don’t restrict yourself to just one set of ears; get multiple piercings to showcase different looks. Just make sure to only change out your piercings when they’re fully healed (about two weeks after getting pierced). Otherwise, you risk infection or other complications. You’ll also want to check with your doctor before adding new piercings, especially if you have any concerns about your overall health.

9) Make Sure Your Ears Are Ready for Piercing

If you want to get your ears pierced, make sure they’re ready. The inside of your ear must be completely healed from any piercing or injury before you can safely pierce it again. For adults, that means at least six months after an earlobe piercing, or a year after cartilage piercings (ears). If you’ve had your ears pierced before and want to change up how you wear jewelry, look for a new type of studs that complement what you already have in place. This way, when people ask where you got your first piercing done, you’ll have a story about how you loved it so much that it inspired other pieces!

10) Last but not Least – Always be Careful When Getting Pierced

It’s hard to predict when you might need an ear piercing infection treatment. If you find that your ear is tender or red around your new jewelry, don’t try to tough it out and hope for it to get better on its own. You could be risking further damage by not seeking proper medical attention right away. The professionals at a local piercing shop will be able to assist you with any post-piercing infection problems you might encounter. If they see an issue that needs attention, they’ll refer you over to a trusted physician who can help treat what ails you and get things back on track as quickly as possible.

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By Bisma Khan

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