10 Cute Types of Pantyhose Designs for Ladies In 2022

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Nailing a gorgeous look becomes effortless with this awesome fashion staple, which is an absolute must-have pantyhose for all modern-day fashionistas. Today, we are going to walk you through 10 cute types of pantyhose designs for ladies in 2022.

Pantyhose Designs 1
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Table of contents

  • Maternity pantyhose
  • Tattoo pantyhose
  • Crochet-less
  •  pantyhose
  • Fishnet pantyhose
  • Cycling pantyhose
  • Control top pantyhose
  • Running pantyhose
  • Support pantyhose
  • Suspender pantyhose
  • Seamed pantyhose

1. Maternity pantyhose

Maternity pantyhose
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Comfort is a determining factor for maternity outfits, and the specially decorated maternity pantyhose can ensure a non-restricting feel during those special months. They offer foldable bands, low-rise fits, and over-the-bum panels, which makes them wearable throughout the pregnancy. You can pair them with your leggings, maternity sports bra, nursing camisole, tunics, dress, sneakers, boots, and even wedges.

2. Tattoo pantyhose

Tattoo pantyhose
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Make fun illusions on your legs without going under the ink with the tattoo pantyhose, which can add a versatile flair to your daily look. The sheer fabrics are the most popular tattoos, which are hand-painted with cute motifs. They tend to reduce retro casual styles, which can be easily paired with one-side off tops, printed t-shirts, miniskirts, sweaters, and even ankle boots.

3. Crochet-less pantyhose

Crochet-less pantyhose
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The crochet-less pantyhose are a match made in heaven for ladies who complain about the allergies and infections caused by rocking synthetic fibers. These cute yet practical pantyhose minimize the number of waistbands while tagging along with a seductive appearance. You can find them either have a fishnet, or plain patterns, and they also offer tummy control for adding to your overall allure.

4. Fishnet pantyhose

Fishnet pantyhose
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The fishnet pantyhose are an absolute rage in winter as they strap insulating air for enhancing body warmth. This cute variety looks great when worn with distressed jeans, a pencil skirt, a chunky sweater, a dress, and even a jacket. And you can wear them to occasions such as weddings, business casual meetings, bachelorette parties, and concerts.

5. Cycling pantyhose

Cycling pantyhose
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These opaque pantyhose are usually crafted using nylon, microfiber, and polyester. The cycling leg-wear often comes stocked with unique features such as water resistance, moisture-wicking, and padded protection to keep you protected from external stimulants while offering a snug fit.

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6. Control top pantyhose

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The built-in shape-wear of the control top pantyhose can induce a slimming effect on your tummy, hip region, and thigh. They are crafted with heath, spandex, and cotton fabrics which help to smooth out the cellulite and offer a natural fit. You can wear them with your sweater dress, mini swing dress, pencil skirt, pumps, boots, and others.

7. Running pantyhose

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Just as the name suggests, these pantyhose can free your stride with their lightweight and stretchy build. You can wear them when basking in comfort as you engage in jogging, hiking, walking, and adventure travel. You can pair them with your sports bra, t-shirt, truck jacket, sneakers, and tank top.

8. Support pantyhose

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The support pantyhose have been specially designed to deliver a high level of endurance while undertaking intensive exercises. They impart a massaging sensation in various parts of our legs, and they prevent the occurrence of trains by focusing on the hip flexor, hamstrings, and calves. You may style them for a party, festival, or disco.

9. Suspender pantyhose

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The suspender pantyhose can help you the best of both worlds without having to deal with the fiddly suspender belt clips. These fun and funky numbers are decorated using nylon, cotton, silk, velvet, leather, and mesh. You can wear them with your gown, nightshirt, and bodysuit lingerie.

10. Seamed pantyhose

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If you have a soft spot for vintage fashion, then I guess the seamed pantyhose can make you look utterly flattering. They can create the illusion of long legs, which are an absolute treat for the eyes, in part from being amazingly seductive.

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