10 Cozy Outfits to Keep You Stylishly Warm

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We enjoy dressing ourselves. We do! With InStyle, you can find clothing ideas for every occasion, including elegant evenings and autumnal breakfasts. But more often than we’d like to admit, we’re just being cosy girls. What does that mean? Either we’re watching Gilmore Girls season one in our cozy outfits, tattiest old T-shirts and slippers, or we want to be.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the correct location. Not only have we discovered very cosy ensembles for those carefree days when you want to spend the entire day curled up in bed, but they also look just as good as anything with firm trousers (i.e., non-sweaty).

A Knit Matching Set


cozy outfits knit matching set

Though it appears far more put together, a spacious cream jumper and matching midi skirt are just as soft as your go-to sweat pair. To finish the ensemble, add classy extras like gold earrings and a darling tiny clutch.

A Shoulder Sweater


cozy outfits sweater

Heard anything? Tying your jumper across your shoulders, across your waist, diagonally or in any other way other than how you regularly wear it is the new method to layer it. To break up your set and remain warm, give it a try.

A Bright Layer


cozy outfits layer

One technique to draw attention away from the fact that all you’re wearing is a T-shirt, grey sweatpants, and sneakers? Add a fluorescent pink jacket on top, and tote a purse that declares, “These are not sweatpants, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Elevated Athleisure

Yes, this is legitimately just a sweatshirt and matching pants. But with a sleek tonal monogram, a perfect fit, and a button-down collar peeking out, they’re dressed up enough for the great outdoors — or at least brunch. Can’t bring yourself to put on heels? Try ballet flats or loafers instead.

A Slick Puffer


cozy outfits puffer

The resurgence of puffer coats, which are the dress equivalent of wearing your blanket in public, was a major fashion coup for us. For a put-together yet casual look, wear a sleek black cropped version over black cargo pants and a striped shirt.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

Cozy Outfits: Laid-Back in Logos

An otherwise basic grey sweater gains some stylish significance from the addition of a designer logo. This casual yet stylish ensemble of jeans, trainers, and slightly ostentatious accessories is comfortable yet unexpectedly chic.

Cozy Outfits: A Cropped Sweater

One of the most adaptable pieces in your fall wardrobe is a soft cropped jumper. Not only does it look wonderful with jeans for a casual look, but it also looks great layered over a maxi dress for extra coziness or with a somewhat dressier tea-length skirt, as seen below.

Cozy Outfits: Monochromatic

Here, we adore a monochromatic ensemble, and not just because it may camouflage the reality that you’re practically out in public in your pajamas. Model Paloma Elsesser’s outfit here is quite stylish, with matching button-downs and trousers, but what steals the show is her incredibly cozy long coat.

Cozy Outfits: A Shearling Jacket

Shearling is one of the rare cozy materials that has a luxe appearance. So even though it feels like wrapping yourself up in a blanket, it helps dress up an otherwise ultra-casual outfit.

Cozy Outfits: A Cutout Sweater

Another knit you need? One with unexpected cutouts, such as this one with a slashed shoulder. It’s got the ease and comfort you’re looking for and feels just fashionable enough to pair with this patchwork denim maxi skirt.

Image Credit: Google Images

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