10 Best Types of Body Shapers That You Want to Wear in 2022

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Body shapers are undergarments that are used to shape or sculpt your body, control your tummy and also alter it perfectly. It helps in making a smooth silhouette that highlights your curves. Today, we are going to look for different types of body shapers and tips on how to style them.

types of body shapers
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The following is a list of the 10 best types of body shapers that you want to wear in 2022

Table of contents

  • Open bust shaper
  • Full body shaper
  • Plunge low back midi thigh bodysuit
  • High waist brief
  • Firm control brief panty
  • Waist trainer
  • Tummy shaper
  • High waist thong
  • Open bust shorty shaper jumpsuit
  • Full slip shaper

1. Open-bust body shapers


Open bust body shapers
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The open bust shaper corrects posture, flattens the abdomen, and shapes the midriff so that you can rock your favorite party outfit without worrying about your fatty stomach. You can pair it with your t-shirt, tank midi dress, jumpsuit, skirt, pants, plunge neckline dress, or even a blouse. 

2. Full-body shapers


Full body shapers
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A full-body shaper with straps has been designed mainly to slim your midsection, thighs, and hips so that none can get to see your fatty tummy coming out. You may wear them with your boiler suit, tank maxi dress, wrap-around dress, jeans, blouse, or even jumpsuit. 

3. Plunge low back midi thigh body shaper 


Plunge low back midi thigh body shapers
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The bodysuit up to the midi length relieves back pain in part by reducing excessive belly fat. For a super look, pair them with a V-neckline outfit, midi dress, and low-back tops. 

4. High waist brief


High waist brief body shapers
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If you want to cover your hips, tummy, or waistline, you should go for a high waist-brief shaper! You can carry your extraordinary attire when you rock this kind of shaper. And also, you can pair it with your curve-hugging skirt, dress, tops, cardigan, and blouse. 

5. Firm control brief panty


Firm control brief panty body shapers
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Pair them as panties to hide your tummy, waist, and button. This cute shaper effectively reduces your lower belly, and flattens, and slenderizes your tummy to make it look perfect. Wear it with your shorts, overalls, skirts, and others. 

6. Waist trainer

Waist trainer body shapers
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If you are looking at how to flatten your tummy, reduce your abdomen, and you are looking at how to have an hourglass figure, then I think this kind of shaper would do it! Also, the name itself recommends that it will give your waistline an attractive shape. It is made of a breathable fabric, and it gives you enough comfort. You can wear it with your bra, under any type of outfit, from casual except a backless dress and strapless.

7. Tummy shaper 


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Isn’t your favorite party outfit fitting you for your bulky tummy? Try this kind of shaper to minimize body bumps. It really flattens your belly to fit your attire, tightens the flab, makes your thighs look slimmer and straight, and will also reduce posterior fat for more perfection. You may pair them with your dress, jumpsuit, rompers, and any kind of casual outfit. 

8. High waist thong


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A high waist thong will not only help you to reduce your fatty tummy, but it will also relieve you from back pain. Pair it tightly with your skirts, leggings, skinny jeans, dresses, and gowns, and see the magic result! 

9. Open bust shorty shaper jumpsuit 

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Shape your waist, arms, legs, and tummy to make you look exactly as you desire. And express your inherent beauty in your attire with an open bust shorty-shaper. Wear it with your jumpsuit, shirts, dress, jacket and wrap dress too.

10. Full slip shaper

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This shaper not only flattens the tummy, and waist and provides back support, but it also lifts the hips and bottom. Wear it with your slit dress, skater dress, gowns, and others.

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