10 Best Black Matte Nail Ideas To Try In 2023:

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If you’re simply not feeling the silly sparkle nail treatments and Hailey Bieber-style glazed donut nails that have been all around the internet the last couple of months, I have uplifting news for you. 2023’s trendiest nail treatment channels the specific inverse energy: gothcore. Edgy, moody, and statement-making matte black manicures and nail ideas are going to be seen on it-young ladies all over.

So to assist you with getting a kick-off on the trend, I did long periods of Instagram looking to round up the coolest takes on matte dark nails — including black-on-black french manicures, shine-free minimalist nail art, punk rock-inspired accent nails, and the sky is the limit from there — that you ought to quickly add to your recoveries and reference as inspo at your next nail appointment.

Matte Dark Flares:

Use It: MatteTopcoat

Essie Gel Couture

nail ideas 1

Clear out splendid-hued flaring nail treatments. The searing fire nail trend in a matte finish looks muted yet still heightens that trickle impact, particularly on rounded-out nails, where brushing through the whole tip of the locks the design in place.

Dark and Cream Cableknit Nails:


nail ideas 2

Recreate it with Beetles Nail Art

Handmade Polymer Clay Beads

A design saved for a matte finish and a cozy season. The 3D design amplifies against a shiny transparent base coat, and since you’ll just cover the top portion of the nail with weaved sweater-reminiscent nail art, a slight stripe offers progress between the thick and smooth clean surfaces.

This Double Textured Manicure:


nail ideas 3

Hi, moderation. The wonderful thing about the double Textured nail look is that it has no standards, everything unquestionably revolves around what you believe that it should be. Paint your nails matte dark first and then freehand a couple of basic lines and shapes using shiny black nail polish.

A Matte Dark French Manicure for 2023:

nail ideas 4

Recreate it with OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

There’s nothing chicer than this dark-on-dark French Manicure with a matte base and super gleaming tips. Match it with your favorite black jeans and jacket for a cool-young lady monochromatic look.

This Edgy French Manicure:

Another dazzling matte dark French Manicure idea…this time with an underground rock wind. I feel like Avril Lavigne could have completely worn nails like this around 2002, correct?

Matte Dark Nails with Metallic Stars:


nail ideas 5

Recreate it with Kitbe Star Nail Art Stickers

I could soooo see this dark matte nail manicure with holographic stars being A thing during celebration season. To Do-It-Yourself, do a favor and invest in some star-shaped nail stickers or decals in addition to a reflexive topcoat to secure them.

Geometric Accents:



  Sally Hansen Nail Art Striper Color in White

If your vibe is about subtle geometric accents, center around painting the detail on just two nails on each hand. I must get my hands on a curiously large coat to copy this tasteful nail manicure’s full impact,

Spooky Season-Inspired Nails:




Recreate it with Reusable Halloween Smoky Press-On Nails

There’s no question this hazy manicure has Spooky Season composed on top of it. A glossy mani couldn’t contend regardless of whether it took a stab, proving yet again the depth a matte finish brings is literally unmatched.

This Matte Dark Mani in a unique way Nail

IDK about you, but I’m feeling like this interesting matte dark mani with a unique design most definitely requires a red lip and a night out on the town at the jazz club.

Reptile design:



Recreate it: Tocoles Nail Art Brushes

Snake-skin prints are having a moment in fashion, and presently, slithery manis have entered the talk. Remember to break out your nail art brushes for this look to ensure you get every one of the subtleties spots on.

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