10 Advice for Purchasing Men’s Activewear

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Not all athletic clothing is created equal. While some are more simple and focused on fashion, others include more advanced sweat-wicking and odor-blocking technologies. Some of them combine the two! Choosing the wrong gear for your workout might have a significant impact, so be careful. Here are Sundried’s top ten suggestions for buying men’s activewear.

1. Know Your Size


Men's Activewear 1. Know Your Size

The sizes of men’s sportswear may not match your usual apparel or suit size. You may need some more room in the sizing department to allow you to pull, push, and twist in every direction your training takes you as you expect a lot more from your activewear than you do from your working clothes.

2. Choose Function First

Low-cut stringers may display the most muscle, but are they useful during exercise? No, never. Activewear should be practical, cut with styles and shapes that accentuate your best features, and move with you while you exercise. This and sizing go together as well. A tight T-shirt may highlight your muscular frame, but it may also limit your range of motion. Before purchasing a size too small, always put your activewear on and make sure you can move around comfortably in it.

3. Make Sure Your Activewear is Sport-Specific

Athleisure’s increase in popularity has seen the fusion of fashion with exercise, inspiring more people to lead more active lifestyles, which is wonderful to see. The clothing lines that low-end fashion companies are releasing as “activewear,” however, don’t actually have any technical or sporting purposes. The correct forms have been cut into them, but there is little to no sports support. Choose businesses that specialize in sportswear, which use tried-and-true technical fabrics to construct shapes with a sports-specific focus to improve performance, not merely to look good or stay in style.

4. Wear Layers

Men's Activewear 4. Wear Layers

It is a fallacy that adding layers will increase calorie burn, but adding layers can let you have more comfort options so you can work out in the most comfortable way possible. Wearing layers allows you to stay warm in colder weather while removing them as you warm up and vice versa in warmer weather. You can perform for a longer period of time if you keep your body at a comfortable temperature. Why not try wearing the Sundried Furgler Short over our Roteck leggings?

Men’s Activewear 5. Read Reviews

Someone will want to brag about a good product. Before purchasing new sportswear, look up reviews. This is a significant expenditure if you train every day, so you should feel good about what you’re wearing. On Amazon, you can read reviews on Sundried’s products.

Men’s Activewear 6. Know How Your Activewear is Made

We support moral creation at Sundried. It’s probably accurate if the cost of the clothing is so low that it looks unreal. Someone else will eventually be responsible for paying the price. With our partnership with The Low Carbon Innovation Fund, our well-supported workforce across our supply chain, and a charitable donation to Water for Kids with every purchase, we encourage transparent production.


Men’s Activewear 7. Make it Stylish

You can fit in activity at any time if your activewear and daywear are seamless. Our sportswear is fashionable and sophisticated enough to be worn as daywear while being effective for exercise performance. It is meant for “all-day active” use.

Men’s Activewear 8. Find the Right Fabrics

When cotton is wet, it may not be as pleasant as when it is dry. Cotton absorbs moisture, causing it to become heavy and chafe-prone, which might limit your ability to train. Modern technical textiles provide snag-free, sweat-wicking, and skin-friendly features. Reused coffee grounds, which have outstanding swear-wicking properties and are naturally odor-blocking, are one of the 100% recyclable materials in our new line.

Men’s Activewear 9. Have a Wardrobe for all Weather

Find men’s activewear that is suitable for all weather. Unfortunately, the weather is not always ideal in the UK, so make sure your athletic collection is technologically up to par. Choose water-resistant materials and add windbreakers to your layering. If the weather cooperates, shorts will be necessary over the summer!

Men’s Activewear 10. Follow the Care Instructions

Simply following the care instructions on your sportswear will help it last longer and perform better. Depending on how often you exercise, your activewear can last between 6 months and 2 years if properly cared for. Always avoid adding harsh chemicals and boiling water to your laundry because they might harm your sportswear and reduce the breathability and wicking capabilities of your clothing.

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